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Things You Don't Notice Until You Fall Down

This afternoon when I was preparing to go out for a grocery trip, I hurried down the stairs only to slip and fell down couple steps.  One second earlier I was standing, and the next I was sledding down the stairs with my feet in the air.  Now my body suffered from the accident.  My tailbone was bruised, my elbows was raw from the carpet burn, and my left wrist and thumb swelled from the odd, twisted angle I landed.  I could only thank that I did not hurt my right hand or else all my work would have to wait.  And I was truly thankful that I have a husband who came rushing over after hearing all that noise and a dog who was busily checking to see if I was hurt.  After confirming to him that I was alright, I sat on the ground to collect myself. There I questioned myself, "why did I fall"?  Suddenly I remembered that my husband fell down that exact place several times.  Not only that, but I specifically recalled the previous renter telling us that he slipped couple times on tho