The Question We All Ask At Some Point In Our Lives -- Why Me?

Why Me?  I just asked myself two hours ago.  Welcome to my first experience of being scammed online. 

No.  I didn't actually get any money scammed away.  But I lost 2 hours of my life that I can never get back.  All thanks to a group of people who rather spend their time thinking of schemes to trick people's money than to use the time and energy to make something out of it.

For those who are interested in what happened, here it is:

This morning I awoke to a great news in my freelance email inbox.  I have been considered for a long-term designing job that pays me $20/hour which includes benefits and health insurance, and I have to contact this person for an interview.  So immediately I got on Yahoo messenger to message this Ms. Doris Mario.  Okay, the name sounds funny, but maybe her parents are fun-loving people who want to give their daughter a funny name. 

Everything about the interview sounded fine until "she" told me that I would be receiving a laptop from the company specifically dedicated to the job.  That sounds absolutely fine...even though I have my own computer.  But then she told me that I would have to buy several computer programs that is designed just for their company use, and they will later reimburse me the money in my payroll.  That is a bit odd.  And that I have to pay by Western Union.  That was the hint.  It was a little fishy.  Well more than a little fish, loads of fishy.  I was pondering on "what if they are really true".  So I did a little test.  I asked them where exactly is the company.  The person pretended they didn't read the message the first time.  I asked them again, "she" pretended to have online problem and couldn't see my messages.  Finally "she" came up with an address.  Upon googling it, it was in the middle of nowhere.  I think all that confirmed my suspicion. 

When I confronted the "lady", she starts telling me that I know nothing about working from home and that this is a golden opportunity.  True, if it were true.  She told me I was being plain silly and that I shouldn't waste any time on any investigation.  I simply stated that I had already reported to the Freelance company and they would take full action investigating the issue.  That's when she got nasty and started calling me a third class citizen in US among other things, and went offline.  I guess they were truly pissed that I was wasting their time, but in fact they were truly wasting mine. 

My mind was a blank.  I didn't know whether I should be angry or thinking of retaliation.  These people were faceless, the only information I got was the person and address I was suppose to send my money to.  The only thing I could do was to report the incident to the Freelance company and let them deal with it.  Whether they would carry through with the investigation, I cannot say.  

Then suddenly I thought of something my Dad always told me.  The ones who always fall into scams are people who are either greedy or too soft-hearted.  I suppose I am not greedy, or else I would have been a victim already.  As if it was an answer to my question, another email popped into my inbox.  I was hired by another client.  This time for real.  It was at this moment I realized something.  I am glad that I am not them.  My life is not surrounded by lies, and I have many skills of which many people are glad to pay good money for my work.  And you know what, I guess I can be counted as a third class citizen of US, because I am Canadian, I am Chinese, before I identify myself as an American.  After all this, I am glad that I can blog and vent about this.  Those faceless petty scammers, sulk and suffer in silence, bitches! 


  1. You already have a good computer with very updated programs for your need. Good that you were not greedy. <3

  2. Yesh. I have my trusted Asus gaming laptop that can kick almost all the desktop's ass these days *hugs laptop*


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