Just Fart -- Practical Optimism

So last night Bunny and I finally got a chance to go to bed early at 11PM.  We fell into our bed with fits of giggles as if it was the best thing ever after gorging on some extra chocolatey cake (which we did as I made him two huge chocolate cakes for his so-called Russian Cure treatment).

But something quickly put a damper on our mood. 

For some reason, two guys and a girl started an argument.  And being so considerate of their family members, they moved their yelling down the street to exactly right outside of our bedroom windows.  So I told my hubby to roar like a T-Rex to shut them up (For the record, my hubby can roar away a full size famish black bear because it had its claws on his beer).  But because he ate too much cake, he could only muster something that sounded like a muffled grunt from a dying T-Rex.

Well Plan A didn't work.  Still a little sugar high, I couldn't conceive why these people had to fight so late at night.  But I was pretty sure that they would feel extra silly for the petty fight.  So instead of saying that, I blurted out, "Just FART.  I promise everything will be better."   For the fear that they didn't hear that piece of wisdom, my hubby stumbled over to the window and declared it again,"Just fart!  I promise everything will be better.  Just fart!"

Everything went quiet.  Then a burst of laughter broke out.  We followed with our own fits of giggles until we lulled into sleepy land.

So there you have it.  Whenever you want to start a fight or a petty argument with someone, remember, just fart.


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