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Just Fart -- Practical Optimism

So last night Bunny and I finally got a chance to go to bed early at 11PM.  We fell into our bed with fits of giggles as if it was the best thing ever after gorging on some extra chocolatey cake (which we did as I made him two huge chocolate cakes for his so-called Russian Cure treatment). But something quickly put a damper on our mood. 

The Question We All Ask At Some Point In Our Lives -- Why Me?

Why Me?  I just asked myself two hours ago.  Welcome to my first experience of being scammed online.  No.  I didn't actually get any money scammed away.  But I lost 2 hours of my life that I can never get back.  All thanks to a group of people who rather spend their time thinking of schemes to trick people's money than to use the time and energy to make something out of it.