What Good Wives Should Know about Enema

Hubby is required to take these antibiotic pills after he had some work done on his teeth.  Yup.  All thanks to chugging 4 Monster Drinks a day for a whole year.  Anyone who's reading this, stop with the Monster Drinks.  I'm serious.  Switch back to good ole' coffee.  I know it'll give you stains.  But at least you'll still have your teeth.
Anyways, that was the background story that led to this conversation...

H: Gah!  These antibiotic pills are making my stool very binding!  Last time I was done with them I pretty much had to get an enema.  Right after they pump in the water, the peri...peri whatever the word is...

W: You mean peristalsis.

H: Yes!  Peristalsis.  My wifey is smart.

W: Not only that.  Tell me how many wifies in the world would not be grossed out when their hubbies are talking about enema as they're having dinner.

H: You don't have to rub that in.


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