The New Girl Dry Fish Life

Since last night I have been feverishly watching the Japanese soap opera "Hotaru no Hikari" (direct translation: "Life of a Dry Fish Girl".  I have to admit shamefully that I could be classified as a Dry Fish Girl.  When not going out, I do roam around my home in sleep wear.  I do roll around the floor quite a bit.  I guess the difference is that my mess is much more controlled. 0

 Then again, my hubby was exclaiming the fact that I am Jess from "The New Girl" while he accompanied me watching the show on Hulu.  Obviously and naturally I denied it.  Then he went through the reasons:
1) I do make up silly songs and dance and proudly do my "gig" around the house without worrying my neighbors hearing me (Fine...I do do that...)
2) I love glitter (Who doesn't!?!)
3) I skip around instead of walking like a normal human being (I do skip around like a normal human being!)
4) I love skirts and dresses (Hello!  I'm a GIRL!)
5) I'm always all hyper and mumble when I don't want to say certain words (Blah...fine)
6) I love desserts to a point where I would unconsciously wiggle my butt and do a little jiggy dance when I see really yummy cakes (....I do do that as well)

Apparently though, according to quite a few of my acting friends, I would play an exceptional Bridget Jones (if she is Asian that is).  That or I behave like a cat. 

Overall, I'll take my Dad's word for it "I'm weird".  I tend to do things my way and disregard what other people think of me.  Afterall, your friends and family should love you exactly the way you are.  And the rest of the world, I may as well flip the bird at anyone who think I should be something else or just simply hate me.


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