Tadaaaa! Look What I Made!

Sloth Day Shirt
Sloth Day Shirt by MochiWay
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Instead of being a sloth these days, I've been hard at work at a little project.  Since I'm always doodling and such, I've decided that I would like to try my hand at selling my designs and crazy ideas on Zazzle and Cafepress.  I've looked through all the regulations and have been so busy experimenting with dimensions, pixels, and all that technical stuff.  It's still far from officially being called a real store, but we all have to start from somewhere right?  So here's my latest invention from the Sloth Day concept.  It's a nice hint for your significant others. 

 For those who are having problem reading the text on the shirt. Here's what it says: 

Wonder why sloths always have that smile on their face but look strangely evil at the same time? Choose: 
1) They are having stomach cramps. 
2) Their stomach cramps are keeping them up at night. 
3) None of their clothes feel right (yup even this one). 
4) Their energy level can't even be saved by downing 10 cups of coffee. 
5) They are really gritting their teeth and wishing they can stab you with their razor sharp talons. 
6) All of the above. 

Fun fact brought to you by your significant other.

Go check it out :D 


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