The Newest American Horror Story

After a marathon of the first season of "New American Horror Story" and finally getting into bed, Wifey messes hair up and decides to play the Japanese ghost girl.  Yup.  That's the problem of marrying an Asian girl who loves horror flicks.  Smack the combination together, you'll get a wife who loves to freak you out just 'cause.  Well plus it's fun to see what it takes to get an all-macho guy squealing like a little pig.  Though I have to say, my hubby is a tough nut to crack.  Damn you Nut!  So anyway, back to the story...

W: Wooooooooooooo~ Be scared!  This is the New American Horror Story~~~

H:  Nah.  The New American horror story is when these bed sheets start to smell like me.

W: Ugh.  Especially when this part smells like your armpits.  Wait!  Isn't that the exact spot where I sleep when I nuzzle against you!?!

H: Pretty much.

W: *Look of horror*


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