More Art on A Whim

I don't know why, why I thought owls are awesome, and I should make something with owls in it.  So I went to town with the idea.
Couple hours later, these are the illustrations/designs I came up with.  Somehow when I made this, I kept thinking about my Grandma and how she used to show me all these Chinese paper-cutting art pieces she made from scrap paper.  So at the end, these pieces all end up looking like paper-cut art pieces.  Homage to my Grandma.

I thought of the rainbow color theme but decided that these would look cooler with a tie-dye effect to it.  Now the question is should I sell these prints on Etsy or should I use these designs for my Zazzle shop.  I'm still playing around with the palette and patterns to make them even cooler.  Even though I love paper cutting art, I don't want them to look TOO classic Chinese paper cutting style.  Stay tune for upcoming patterns and Zazzle products.  Feel free to pop me a line if you love it or think it's just weird.  Comments are soul food for artists, so come on, drop me a line.

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