Is This a Sign that I'm Gaining Audience?

I just received a comment on my article "Always Listen To Your Lioness" (for those who wants to read what's it about, please click on the link).  I have to say, that's by far one of the most read articles I've created.  When I clicked on it to see what the comment was about, I was hoping that it would be a nice or funny complement about what I wrote.  Since I'm always so lucky, I was also half-guessing that it could be my first hate-mail.  Instead, it was...
It was this comment that has nothing to do with my article at all...well except it was geared towards guys.

"Wool is the most elegant item in men's clothing business -- flattened by the ready-to-wear clothes as it only deals with paid-for advertising space rather custom made suits than buying a suit. In wool suits will be removed by taking proper care was not up to four years behind bars when he is sentenced on Nov. The solid suit is a suit that was it's biggest drawback. "

It was a purely WTF moment where I ponder if my blog is somehow gaining a little bit of popularity and I'm the last to know, or these people were being cheap and targeting free advertisement.  Well if this is what they want, I should grant them that wish.

I went to their website (which goes by " and wrote them a message back:

"Stop spamming on my blog.  That's cheap.  Either contact me for a proper advertisement spot or try a better approach of asking for free advertisement.  Since you're being a bum, I guess I'll show the world how "classy" you are.

Momo Fachetti"

These are the moments when I swell with the pride of being a bitch and feel like Russell Crowe yelling "Are You Not Entertained?" in "Gladiator".  I really don't mind helping people, but definitely not people without some proper manner.  I hope this will sway anyone from spamming on my blog and encourage all bloggers to fight back against nasty spams that pollute the internet world.


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