Conversation between Hubby and Wifey: The Afterglow

This takes place during today's afternoon.  After a very very long hour of exercise, Wifey decides to reward herself with a facial (I don't know who thinks exercise is fun, but certainly not me).  She walks into the bathroom and slathers a transparent cooling gel substance onto her face.  As she finishes and proceeds to wash her hands, hubby steps in and just about to ask a question when he suddenly stops, looks perplexed and amazed at Wifey's face.

W: What? (looks slightly embarrassed by the fact that she got caught wearing a mask)

H: Wow, look what a little bit of exercise can do!! (Guess who was it that kindly "suggested" Wifey should work out.  Health freak!)

W: Eh? (Very confused at the comment since she is definitely sure she just didn't lose 5 pounds from that workout and now look like a super model.)

H: You all sparkly and glowy! (Insert wild hand gesturing.)

W: It's my facial gel. (Rolls eyes as far back into her eye sockets as possible.)

H: ...oh.... (walks away).

Lesson of the day:
Women, if you're looking for a compliment, slather on transparent sparkly facial gel.
If you're trying to fake looking like you're healthy and young, slather on transparent sparkly facial gel.
These elves must wear facial gel like 24/7...that or majorly photoshoped with soft light and blurring effect.


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