Sloth Days

 You know why sloths always have that smile on their face but sometimes look strangely evil at the same time?  That's because they are gritting their teeth and wishing they can stab someone with their sharp talons.  No joke.  Because I am feeling that right now.  Enter my sloth days.

 I have been feeling sluggish last couple of days.  After putting in 14 hours of work daily last week, I felt that my brain was a bit fried.  At the same time having my period coming soon, my energy level has dropped to sloth level.  I venomously hate this little time frame from expecting my period to the second day of my period.  During the time, I could barely keep my eyes open.  Just on Friday when I needed to crush out my last assignment before the weekend started, I downed a 2L bottle of diet Pepsi.  On top of that, I felt extra crummy.  I was on my way to losing some weights for summer.  Well my pre-period fairy decided to add 5 pounds of water retention to my weight.  Even though I know it is going to go away as soon as my period starts, I still feel defeated and extra crummy (...think I just repeated myself).  It feels like my body literally "gains weight when I inhale".  Clothes don't fit right, my face look puggy, I am having major stomach cramps that keep me awake in the middle of the night.  The "fun" part was when my husband decided to wake me up in the middle of the Saturday night just when I finally got too tired to ignore the cramps and began to fall asleep to ask me whether he used his credit card on a purchase we made earlier that day.  That just made me explode!  As I stormed off to the guestroom, my husband was clueless of what he did and acted like he was the victim.  Grrrr.  Wish I had talons like sloths do so I can get stab him in the gut to feel my pain.  Then again, I do not want algae to grow on top of me.  I guess we are even.  In the meantime, I will grudgingly wear my evil sloth smile and bare with my husband's ignorance.


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