A Dream Come True

It's been forever since I last blogged!  I just feel the impending responsibility and need to write something.  I know this doesn't look much, but I just have to share it -- my own little nook to call my own!  Today I finally managed to clear out enough packing boxes full of Bunny's junk belongings that were sitting in the middle of my nook area and was able get to the boxes that held my books and belongings.  I don't know if anyone feels the same way I do about bookcases full of books that are on your interests.  Whenever I catch a glimpse of that little bookcase as I come up to the second floor of our home, I can't help but let out a little happy sigh.  Yes.  I am a book worm and an organizing freak.  Seeing books lined up nicely on shelves makes me feel like the world is at peace.  I simply can't wait til I get to organize the rest of my office/nook.  

But sadly I do have to wait.  

I have to wait for my desk to be delivered on Thursday.  I pray to the Amazon God, please let my desk be here on Thursday.  Until then, I will continue to unpack other boxes that hold the unknowns of the universe...not really...but close enough since I never get to see what Bunny bought on Amazon until I find them by accident during one of our moves.  On this move, I found a lot of odd shit that he bought; for example, a couple of those hot rod things you plug into your car and you can heat up the liquid in your mug, 4 different sizes and shapes of shovels, a LOT of canned food, and 3 cast iron pots for camping.  I don't know what he plans to do with them and we've never camped before.  Already I am not liking these two sentences combined together.  I just hope it doesn't involve with driving me to the middle of nowhere, killing me, cooking me, and bury the inedible bits in the woods.  

On top of that, I learned a VERY important lesson in this move.  Even though we are moving across the street literally, it is STILL an official move.  The plan of just dumping stuff from one room of the house to the exact room of the other house only makes sense in the idealistic world of our mind.  In actuality, it takes too much time to pull stuff out on the day of the move, cart them across the street,  and find a space for the same stuff in the new place.  Soon enough, it's just piling everything to the nearest corner of the new home and not caring where those stuff are suppose to go.  So now I reap what we sow.  Yup.  Being the good wifey that I am, I took it on priority to set up Bunny's office exactly the way it was in the other house on the first day of our move so that he could immediately get back to his work as soon as all the stuff were moved.  

Life is just not fair I admit.  

But at least I know where everything is in this house.

And yes, I'll be reselling those cast iron pots before Bunny finds out.


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