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It's Summer and New Page Layout Time!

Phew!  I finally finished revamping my blog!  As I finally found my comfort in setting my office, I had no reason to not blog anymore.  But every time I stared at my old blog, I felt that all the sudden my inspirations and ideas got sucked into internet abyss.  That crude look of my blog was simply an anti-muse.  So I decided I needed a layout that is more "me".  So here it is, my new blog.  In a way that header stand for what I strive for in life -- to make something that is original, practical, yet slightly romantic and girlie from something that is natural or recycled.  All the sudden, there is a click in my brain.  So now it all becomes clear.  In last term, my teachers and classmates often used the phrase "This is so YOU!" or "This isn't your style."  I was frustrated by these two comments as I was puzzled by the definition of "my style".  What IS my style?  Having put all my energy and effort into my assignments and projects, it wa

My Little Boy is No Longer A Baby

Today is Max's birthday!  He is officially one year old and no longer a "puppy".  We've been so much this year ever since Bunny and I adopted this little rascal.  When we first got him, he was so skinny and addicted to pot (he would search out the reefers on sidewalks and follow suspicious people smoking weed on the street).  Yes you just heard it.  Max was addicted to the smell of weed as he was born in Oakland from some marijuana grower who wanted two giant dogs to guard their grow op.  Well those two giant German Shepherd and Husky got a little too busy humping and resulted in many puppies. One of them turns out to be Max.

A Dream Come True

  It's been forever since I last blogged!  I just feel the impending responsibility and need to write something.  I know this doesn't look much, but I just have to share it -- my own little nook to call my own!  Today I finally managed to clear out enough packing boxes full of Bunny's junk belongings that were sitting in the middle of my nook area and was able get to the boxes that held my books and belongings.  I don't know if anyone feels the same way I do about bookcases full of books that are on your interests.  Whenever I catch a glimpse of that little bookcase as I come up to the second floor of our home, I can't help but let out a little happy sigh.  Yes.  I am a book worm and an organizing freak.  Seeing books lined up nicely on shelves makes me feel like the world is at peace.  I simply can't wait til I get to organize the rest of my office/nook.   But sadly I do have to wait.