Your Best Friend My Ass

Sometimes I think that Bunny and I have been spoiling our puppy a little too much.  Ever since we've adopted him at 4 months old, he has never been totally alone by himself.  We always bring him along to wherever we needed to go (yup, even to the grocery stores where Bunny plays with him on the grassy patches next to the parking lot), or we simply give up the thought of going somewhere where he is not allowed to go and we have to leave him in the car all by himself.  Whenever we tell people that we haven't left him for the 11 months we've had him, they just look at us as if we've gone boinkers.  Yes, we know our Max is not a baby and can be left alone.  But we also know that leaving a puppy by himself can lead to bad habits and bad psychological trauma.  Up til now, Max hasn't chewed up any furniture or destroyed any house items.  He doesn't bark unless there is a stranger at the door.  And he has never raided the garbage cans.  Even though he looks like a German Shepherd, he is a big candyass.

Maxipoo having the fun of his life while I brought him out for a 2 hour walk even though I was coughing my lungs out for last couple of days.

So with all that sacrifices we have made for Maxipoo, we'd think that he would be the most loyal dog ever.  In a way, we picture him as Lassie that will go on a rescue mission if we ever get lost in the woods or stranded in a snow storm.  WRONG!  Just two weeks ago when we had our truck stuck in a great patch of ice along a remote road, we had no choice but to dig our tires out.  You would think that being husky and all, Max would immediately get right to it and help us dig.  BIG FAT NOPE.  He looked at us as if we were having fun digging in the snow, gave us that "Tell me when you guys are done" look, and went off running around us.  But since we've always tell him not to dig, we thought it would be cruel to judge him as being unhelpful.

Well guess what?  The other night when I let out a stinky ripper in bed as we were all settled in bed, immediately we heard this "trot trot trot" sound.  That "trot trot trot" sound was actually Maxipoo getting up from his giant doggy bed and hightailed to the kitchen couch.  As we heard that trotting gone off in the distance, Bunny hollered,"So you're leaving me behind to wallow in this stench!?!  Your Best Friend My Ass Max!!!"

Even though you're a disloyal little jerk, we still love you Max.

P.S. Yup I just declared that I fart in bed.  And I usually pair the farting with funny jokes and commentaries.  To me, fart is the testimony of love your partner/spouse has for you.  So next time if you do fart in bed, and you can turn to your partner/spouse and tell them that the fart only makes your love stronger.


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