Some Things Aren't Meant for Multi-tasking

With a full schedule to juggle, I often find myself multi-tasking a lot in my daily life for different reasons.  One reason is to mix in some fun with some dull mundane tasks like doing laundry or mopping the floor.  Second reason is to boost productivity obviously such as listening to the news while I'm cooking or squeezing in some running while I walk the puppy.  The third reason is to reward myself from a busy day.  That usually revolves around two things that I love to do and combine them together; for example listening to some great music while I take a bath or watching my latest favorite shows while I eat a very satisfying meal.

You seems like lately watching my latest favorite show while I eat offend my Bunny greatly.  As recently because Bunny is busy with a project and needs his own personal working space (meaning kicking me out of my office like a sparrow taking over a martin's nest and I have to set camp in our living room), we have been having dinner in separate rooms as well.  So lately after I deliver his dinner to my his office, I indulge in my own dinner and tuning into this new series "Hannibal".

I have to say this show is majorly awesome!  I have to admit it's not for the faint of heart as there are some grizzly bloody scenes.  Still nothing as gruesome as the movie "Hannibal" which my sister mistakenly bought a hot dog to eat during the show and proceeded to concentrate on keeping that dog down for the rest of the movie after the brain-eating scene that she had no recollection of the movie whatsoever afterwards.

Anyway back on topic!  Yesterday night, just as the show plunged into a gory killing scene, Bunny came out of his den and stood beside me all grossed out.

Bunny: What ARE you doing?

Me: Eat and watching TV.

Bunny: I mean what are you watching!?!

Me: Hannibal (nonchalantly).


Me: It's not that bad.  I used to do that all the time.  Even though my Mom said I was gross.

Bunny: ....what all the time? (starting to debate whether I'm a psychopath).

Me: I used to watch those TLC real-time surgeries while I snack.  One time I totally grossed my Mom out when she saw me watching a brain surgery while eating out from half a watermelon.  And she's a nurse. BAH!

Bunny silently walked away.  At this point I think that he has confirmed me as a psychopath and will one day stab him with something sharp and pointy that will make him bleed like a pig (which I did already but that was for his own good and which I will explain in another blog in the future).

The bottom line of this lesson, I guess some things are just not meant for multi-tasking unless you want to risk getting labelled as a psychopath or a weirdo or both.  (Same goes for texting or phoning while you drive you psychopaths!)

P.S.  On a side note, if Hannibal is such a food connoisseur, wouldn't he only choose to eat people who are vegans or organic food lovers?  I mean eating people with a non-organic diet would be like eating McDonalds or Taco Bells.  So next time if you think you're in the vicinity of a cannibal, scream out that you only eat McDonalds, Taco Bells, and you're the human pink slime.  Most likely, the cannibal will disgustedly storm away and you'll be save.  Now aren't you glad that you read through this whole blog article?  You can thank me for that life-saving tip anytime now.


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