More People May Suffer From This Disorder Than You Think

This morning I just realized that more people suffer from this disorder than any other disorders in the world.  It is called KSDmania (also known as kyonskatadiasporamania).
What is it, you may wonder?
And what are its symptoms? 

So let me tell you.  It is very similar to kleptomania.  It's a disorder where people feel the urge to not pick up their dog's poop and get a thrill from secretly committing this crime and getting away from it!  I mean why else would they just not pick up their dog's shit?  The usual excuse is they forgot to grab a plastic bag for such an occasion.  Here I present the evidence that it is just a lie, and that they are really going after that thrive of being caught for not picking up the dog poop. 

You see this nice looking garbage can with all these free doggie poopie bags dangling on the side?  They are everywhere in my town.  They are also situated about every 20 steps along the river trail that loops around the town.  So even if someone forgets their special plastic bag, there are thousands of them along the trail free for you to use.  Yet I see dog poop EVERYWHERE!  I mean I understand about the runny ones that you can't possible pick up, but these are as huge as one of those giant wieners.  So really, you can't even say I don't know where my dog just shitted.  People!  Pick up your dog's shit already.  Unless you have a doctor's note saying you suffer from KSDmania, I will so take a photo of you evil poop scatterers and hand them over to the police so they can fine you and send you to do a whole year of community service in which you are ordered to pick up all the scattered dog shit along the town trail.

Note: Kyonskatadiasporamania isn't really a real disorder (but it should be and it's okay that I don't get this disorder named after me but I so totally should get the honor to name it)  Kyon skata diaspora actually means dog shit scatterer in Greek...or what I translated with Google translate.

As for this week's wrap up (phew...I made it through another week):

1) I have just started our packing for the move which will take place this Wednesday.
2) I have invented a new game that I play with my puppy.  It's called "Kill The Mop" game where I fling the mop around and he chases after it like a wolf leaping for that fluffy bunny on the run.

Things I saw this week that I would love to share with everyone!! 

1) One of my macho friends posted this on his facebook page the other day.  True.  But there is a clause that I immediately thought of (and found a photo of).

 But when you are home, you better concern yourself with the opinions of your lioness (unless you want to be one sorry lion).

2) Guess how old this woman is?  49!!!!  Apparently the dermatologists have performed test on her skin-age and confirmed that she has the skin of an 18 year old (she has a killer body too by the way).  For those who are interested in finding out her beauty regimen, check in tomorrow (or when I can get my internet access again after the move).  I'll give you a hint.  It has to do with worms.

3) So apparently mermaid lines are all the rage according to the richter scale for guy sexiness in Asian culture. What are mermaid lines?  They are the two red lines in the diagram below.  For guys who want these "sexy" lines, you would have to workout like a crazy Olympic athlete to get them.  That or you can just leave the overachieving to the Asians (afterall the Asian guys do need an edge since the scientific community has scarred their credibility with the smallest dick amongst all the races).

4) Bunny sets a great example for guys who are dealing with their girls' period issues.  He brought home my favorite Vanilla cream soda and cheeseburger.  In exchange, no crankiness from me and three dozens of cinnamon buns were made to honor of his good hubbiness.


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