It's a Wrap-up for This Week

Here I sit on my make-shift work desk, I am already fantasizing about next week's move and finally getting a room as my own office!  As I have learned, sharing an office sucks when one person (all I can say is that it's not me) is a litter pig and a spreader while the other person is territorial and a bipolar neat-freak (it's a all-or-none theory I have when it comes to being tidy).

I'm sensing that the missing picture to our problem is wine.  LOTS of wine.

Needless to say, this ideal picture of us working in the same room?
I doubt it will ever work out especially when his work music is Peter Frampton on repeat.  I'm not saying there is something wrong with Peter Frampton.  I'm just saying no to Peter Frampton on repeat.  Then again, right now my ass feels like it took a huge beating from this memory-foam pillow.  (Note: memory-foam will mold to your body my ass!  I'm glad I never attempted to put my neck on this killing machine)  So Peter Frampton is the lesser of the two evils if you ask me right now this very second.  

Very minimalistic and Ikeaish eh?  Do not trust the comfort level even when Ikea end up using this very picture as the perfect example of a small apartment.

I think I am over-compensating for the fact that I didn't blog yesterday.  But I thought I needed a day of rest before rampaging on my blog.  Plus Bunny and I felt it was time for us to do something related to the community, and the time to teach our puppy a sense of independence.  So we went out to the community fundraiser for the local firefighters.  Let's just say it was quite a "cultural experience" which I will go into detail tomorrow.  And guess what?  Our puppy didn't destroy our house or anything at all while we were gone!!!  So I took him on an extra EXTRA long walk today even though he turned into a borderline little jerk/shithead the whole time.  He dragged me into so many swarms of bugs that I was literally covered with bug juice.  Usually being so good with not tangling himself around objects, he decided to twirl around every pole on the road like a happy-go-lucky pole dancer not knowing that her bra has somehow snagged on the pole for some freaky accident.  It was a lot of embarrassment and cussing and yelping.   Last but not least, he ran right into two cats who were busy humping in the bush.  They were absolutely NOT HAPPY with the sudden three-way going and the two sounded like they were suddenly having a fight about who this dog was.

Cat A: WTF?  Who's this?

Cat B:  I don't know.  I swear I don't know him.

Cat A: Yeah yeah.  As if I haven't heard that before, you whore!

Cat B:  Really!  You have to trust me babe.  I will never do that to you....

I decided it was best to retreat stealthily while that argument continued.  As the Chinese sayings goes, one should never interfere a couple fighting.

For this week's wrap-up:

1) Yeah!  I finally signed up for Pinterest.  This app is friggin' so addictive that it's becoming my new obsession.  Candy Crush may now move aside.

2) I also signed up on Glipho.  So if anyone who comes across this blog and has Glipho, you can look me up there.

3) I made these banners just in case there is a zombie epidemic and this may give you a higher chance of surviving the whole ordeal.  And not to single anyone out, I've decided to make a banner for the general population and for the vegans.  So enjoy!

4) I just bought a copy of John F.D. Taff's "Little Deaths".  I got sucked into it when I came across a little blip about the book being one of the top 5 books in 2012 on the BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS blog by James Roy Daley.  Just to let you know, I didn't get paid for this bit of information and I'm not a friend of either the blog author or the author.  I solely bought this book because I love horror stories and the book title may hint there may be some sort of kinky orgasm scenario happening somewhere in the story plot.  Then again, the author and the publishing company may not know that the term "little deaths" in french stands for an idiom and euphemism for orgasm.  Kinky.  But I will read this book and give my little blip on it.

So for now, reading and watching Naruto until I tumble into sleepyland.

For anyone who comes across this blog via some twisted way or by accident, please take like 5 seconds of your precious life to let me know how am I doing on my writing.  You know comments are food for a writer's soul.  You don't want me to turn into a zombie do ya?  If you have a great blog to share, you can also shoot me a link.  So drop me a line. 


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