Diary of a Candy Crackhead

Yes.  I finally know how it feels to be a junkie.  Here I am, sitting cold-turkey by my laptop hoping a friend or someone can give me a "help" so I can advance to the next level.  Someone?  Anyone?  Two people have already helped me.  I only need one more person.  Just one.  ONE!  I may even reconsider to believe in God.  I pray to thee the God of Candy Crush, let there be help.  Damn....useless.  I constantly renew my facebook page as I nervously bite my nails and rock back and forth in an eerie manner.  I need to play.  I know I need to sleep as I need to wake up at the crack of dawn to make milk for my little baby niece.  But I can't stop playing the darn game.  I am VERY sleep as well should I remind you?  Oh wait...did I tell you already or is this the first time I declare I am sleepy?  The snoring of my parents' puppy is lulling me to sleep but the lure of evil Candy Crush Saga is greater.  While waiting, I decide to replay the stages where I didn't score a high enough score (must top all my friends....must top the score....an evident sign I am OCD).  So finally I realize I have to do something.  Like a hopeless junkie, I intentionally sabotage my game lives by choosing the hardest levels I narrowly passed previously and face my horrible deaths.  THERE, I ODed!  I have no lives.  I'm officially DEAD.  Now I can go to sleep...if only I stop thinking about all those combination of candies in my mind.

Damn you Candy Crush.  You should be named Candy Crack Saga.


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