Too Much Candy Rots the Brain

Ever since my sister has gotten her iphone 5, she has pretty much "convinced" me to play this Candy Rush game with her on Facebook.  Needless to say, this game is addictive and competitive.  But about 3 weeks in, I began to ponder the purpose of this game.  It is a simply a tool to waste time and energy.  Instead of spending time on my projects, I have spend pretty much all my spare time playing this silly little game.  The addiction is even more evident in my sister.  With a 9-month old baby on her hand, she rather spends her free time playing this retched addiction than to catch up on her sleep and rest.  The end result is a very cranky Mom on our hands.  So I ask again: why should I carry on with this game?  Let's look at the pros and cons:

- a mental workout for my brain
- a social networking on Facebook with my old friends
- a way to de-stress myself

- waste of time
- waste of energy and tire my eyes out
- no time for my projects
- stressful from getting stuck on a level
- cranky if someone disturb my game
- not enough sleep

Clearly the cons out-weights the pros.  So long Candy Rush!  No more candy for this girl.


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