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When Inspiration Strikes

Since we've moved to Colorado, it's been a whole lot of snow.  It's rather funny when I think about it; living in Vancouver for most of my childhood, I have never seen so many days of endless snowing.  If lucky, there would be two days of snow on-and-off.  But almost every time, it melts within couple days.  And snow in Vancouver is like people in Vancouver...always so polite (or so Californians like to say).  Up til recently, I've always seen snow drifting elegantly down the sky as if they are all doing their little dance in midair.  Here in Colorado, snow pelts down like mad in so many different directions that I swear sometimes they fly across sideways.  Aside from that, my recent fascination lies in observing the icicles forming from the edge of pretty much everything outside.  By far, the most gigantic one I've seen is a whole story high -- it reaches from the awning of my neighbors house and forms all the way to the ground.  To those who won't believe it