Still the Geek Girl

I wonder how many other people are as excited as I am when Captain America hollered "Avengers Assemble!" in the Endgame movie. I AM! And after six months later, I'm still doing the memes. It drives my husband up the walls. I think this is why I love it even more.


This afternoon when I was preparing to go out for a grocery trip, I hurried down the stairs only to slip and fell down couple steps.  One second earlier I was standing, and the next I was sledding down the stairs with my feet in the air.  Now my body suffered from the accident.  My tailbone was bruised, my elbows was raw from the carpet burn, and my left wrist and thumb swelled from the odd, twisted angle I landed.  I could only thank that I did not hurt my right hand or else all my work would have to wait.  And I was truly thankful that I have a husband who came rushing over after hearing all that noise and a dog who was busily checking to see if I was hurt.  After confirming to him that I was alright, I sat on the ground to collect myself. There I questioned myself, "why did I fall"?  Suddenly I remembered that my husband fell down that exact place several times.  Not only that, but I specifically recalled the previous renter telling us that he slipped couple times on tho

Just Fart -- Practical Optimism

So last night Bunny and I finally got a chance to go to bed early at 11PM.  We fell into our bed with fits of giggles as if it was the best thing ever after gorging on some extra chocolatey cake (which we did as I made him two huge chocolate cakes for his so-called Russian Cure treatment). But something quickly put a damper on our mood. 

The Question We All Ask At Some Point In Our Lives -- Why Me?

Why Me?  I just asked myself two hours ago.  Welcome to my first experience of being scammed online.  No.  I didn't actually get any money scammed away.  But I lost 2 hours of my life that I can never get back.  All thanks to a group of people who rather spend their time thinking of schemes to trick people's money than to use the time and energy to make something out of it.

Keep a Chicken Handy

So I guess I didn't get Lyme's Disease or Colorado Tick Fever....or at least that's what that fading bug bite is trying to convince me.  The swelling has finally subsided and no bull eye's target mark.  Interesting enough is that BBC has posted an article on how some people are really more attractive to mosquitoes than other people.  I can really relate to that.

Practical Optimism #2 -- Be Content With Your Office Desk

It's Monday again!  Today my practical optimism wisdom to you is -- be content with your office desk.  You may be ready to throw a punch at me for telling you to be content with your office desk and tell me that I'm a bitch who lounges all day in her PJs and knows nothing about the suffering you go through daily at that desk (which is entirely false!...well on most days).  But hold it for a sec.  I have a darn good reason for saying that.  You know a while ago where I was happy that I finally have an office to myself?  Well that office desk was a make-shift desk.  In fact it is a foldable picnic food table purchased at Walmart for $32. Yes I'm Walmart's whore.  But it's the first proper store in next town -- 10.4 miles to be exact (I googled.  And no, there is ONLY a tiny grocery store, a gas station, a laundromat, a cornerstore, a coffeeshop, a burger joint, and a restaurant in our town).  So Matt Damon in "We Bought A Zoo", don't you start wit

Conversation between Hubby and Wifey: The Afterglow

This takes place during today's afternoon.  After a very very long hour of exercise, Wifey decides to reward herself with a facial (I don't know who thinks exercise is fun, but certainly not me).  She walks into the bathroom and slathers a transparent cooling gel substance onto her face.  As she finishes and proceeds to wash her hands, hubby steps in and just about to ask a question when he suddenly stops, looks perplexed and amazed at Wifey's face. W: What? (looks slightly embarrassed by the fact that she got caught wearing a mask) H: Wow, look what a little bit of exercise can do!! (Guess who was it that kindly "suggested" Wifey should work out.  Health freak!) W: Eh? (Very confused at the comment since she is definitely sure she just didn't lose 5 pounds from that workout and now look like a super model.) H: You all sparkly and glowy! (Insert wild hand gesturing.) W: It's my facial gel. (Rolls eyes as far back into her eye sockets as poss